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Chamber CEO offers full support for North Quays development

Waterford Chamber CEO Gerald Hurley has welcomed the news today that the second and final objection to the North Quays Strategic Development has been withdrawn.

“Waterford Chamber strongly supports the development of the North Quays and we are delighted the objection phase is now behind us and we look towards a brighter future for Waterford.

“The development of the North Quays will elevate Waterford as a true destination to explore the South East and Ireland’s Ancient East. With an iconic skyline to welcome visitors old and new, this development will reflect a renewed pride in this ancient city.

“The development will be a key enabler of growth and will support Waterford and the South East in achieving their, as yet, unrealised economic potential. For year, in Waterford, there was a glass half empty attitude but since the announcement of the North Quays development, the attitude has changed to the glass is half full and the other half is full of opportunities.

“In fact, from speaking to our members, we cannot emphasis enough the importance of the North Quays development and the positive vibe that exists around it. It is seen as the catalyst for the next two decades of growth and prosperity in Waterford.

“The proposed €300+m investment by the Fawaz Al Hokair Group will be the largest commercial investment Waterford has ever seen, and sends a clear message internationally of the level of confidence in the South East region as a place for foreign direct investment, whilst at the same time cementing Waterford’s status as capital of the South East region.

“We believe the development of the North Quays will enhance the existing retail offering and go a long way towards addressing the current retail leakage from the South East region. In addition to the existing attractions, it will also add a new dimension to the offering in terms of high-end retail tourism.

“The relocation of House of Waterford to a larger site on the North Quays and the direct link between it and the city centre via the new bridge will be hugely significant in terms if tourism for Waterford and the South East. This bridge will ensure that the North Quays will become an integral part of Waterford’s urban spine running right through the city centre core along Barronstrand Street and Michael Street to John Street. It will also help unlock more of the potential of the existing riverside walkway along the south-side of the river.

“According to the IDA, Waterford currently lacks an available stock of well-located, suitable ‘Grade A’ office accommodation. The North Quays site is a great opportunity to address the lack of suitable office space which is required to attract companies looking to invest in Ireland.

“We also need to be cognisant of the fact that this development will create thousands of sustainable jobs and provide much needed housing.

“It is our view and the view of our members that the development of the North Quays begins without haste and today can be considered the start of a new era for Waterford.”


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