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Strengthen existing relationships and form new ones....

We all talk about the importance of “business partners” these days, but how many of us really know the people we do business with? By being a member of Waterford Chamber you can meet potential business partners in a relaxed, but targeted way and listen to high profile speakers and business leaders.

Waterford Chamber run all types of networking, social and informational events, seminars and conferences designed to help you grow your business. All employees in a company are welcome to attend our events.

Why network?

  • To market yourself and/or your company
  • To keep up contact with like-minded professionals on a social level
  • For an ideas springboard
  • To have a local contact to turn to for advice on specific issues
  • To provide your business with leads and referrals
  • To mentor and coach younger people in the industry
  • To learn from those with more experience

Networking tips

What are your networking goals?

When networking with others, the most important thing to keep in mind is your objectives for networking. What are you trying to gain and what do you have to offer? Make sure you have business cards handy and invite any contact you make to join you on your social network.

Make a positive impression.

Form the habit of introducing yourself to new contacts. Make sure your body language reflects that you are open to conversation - put your smartphone away! Connecting people you already know with one another is also a great way to develop your network. People want to work with positive people; be upbeat and genuine. People will connect with you more when you’re positive, but still down to earth.

Really listen.

Most of the time when we’re listening to another person, we’re really just formulating our response. Instead of just thinking about how you’re going to respond, quiet your thoughts and really listen to what they say, this will help you with the next tip.

Uncover their needs.

Try to find out how you can benefit the other person. Ask them questions. A mutually beneficial relationship is the best possible outcome.

Avoid arriving late.

Coming to a networking event early is a much more constructive strategy. Your fellow attendees won’t yet have assembled into groups and finding someone to start a conversation with will be much easier.

Offer help.

Once you’ve uncovered a perceived need, offer your help. People will appreciate your willingness to help and will be more likely to want to help you in return.

Follow up.

A couple of days after making a new connection, try to follow up with a brief email, phone call or note, including a detail which will jog their memory of you. Make a recommendation or even simply pay them a compliment. This will help to build on the conversation you’ve already had.



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What Our Members Say

"Waterford is a very attractive location for Foreign Direct Investment as it is a dynamic city which is very much open for business – the city has a proven track record of attracting investment from start-ups and expanding business, who are hugely supported by Waterford Chamber. The city, county and region offers a young, well educated workforce and is easily accessible for international visitors. Waterford’s quality of life for employees is exceptional as it blends elements of rich cultural heritage with a new and vibrant lifestyle – with new additions such as the Greenway further showcasing the county to not only locals, but visitors from all over Ireland and overseas. The Chamber has been a vital link in welcoming our companies into the local Business Community – helping them not only network, but also gain a sense of community and belonging."

Brendan McDonald, Regional Manager, South East Region, IDA



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